Natural Perfume Oil - Mia Belle

Natural Perfume Oil - Mia Belle

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If you are looking for an alcohol free, no nasties, natural perfume option - these are for you! Perfumes come in a 15ml glass bottle with dropper applicator.

Containing natural fragrance blends created from aromatic compounds from essential oils. These perfume oils are 30% concentrated in an organic jojoba oil base. Apply on the pulse points or behind the ears. 

Fragrances available:

  • Oceania - lime, grapefruit, jasmine, rose and lemon. This fragrance is fresh yet sultry, summery warm and is reminiscent of being outdoors and near the ocean.
  • Glow - sandalwood, vanilla bean, musk, lime and coconut.
  • Beloved - sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil (certified organic), Natural Vitamin E, Natural fragrance oil blends from essential oils, Dried flowers.

Directions: Apply behind the ears or on the wrists as often as required. Fragrance lasts for approx 3-4 hours. Test patch before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.