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Dent Tabs

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DENTtabs are THE zero-waste, plastic-free alternative to those pesky tubes.
DENTtabs are available in Fluoride or Fluoride-Free and are mint flavoured with all-natural menthol for amazing fresh breath. Welcome to the true toothpaste revolution!

1 month supply = 62 Tablets in Box

Trial Pack = 10 Tablets in Packet

To use:
1- Chew.
2- Use a wet brush.
3- Brush teeth as normal.
4- Rinse and Repeat. Do not eat.

INGREDIENTS: Microcrystalline cellulose (polishing
agent), sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, silica, sodium
lauroyl glutamate, magnesium stearate, natural mint
aroma via menthol, stevia, xanthum gum, sodium fluoride
(in tablets containing fluoride only), eugenol (a natural part
of menthol mint aroma). Denttabs are free from preserving
agents, germicides, binding agents, aluminum, and