We will be closed from the 23rd December through to the 23rd January. You are welcome to place an order during this time, but please be aware that you may not receive your order for a few weeks. Alternatively, we will be at the Remarkables Market on the 2nd & 9th January 2021. Have a very 'Merry Christmas' & a safe and 'Happy New Year' x

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Natural, Sustainable, Affordable products you can trust - for you, your family and your home.

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About Aroha Eco

Here at Aroha Eco, we’re not just another Eco Store, we’re so much more…

We sell only natural, sustainable, affordable products for your face, body, hair, home and beyond that are totally kind to both you and the planet. These products have little to no plastic packaging, no toxic chemicals or ‘fragrance oils’ and encourage sustainable practice on a daily basis.

What’s more, these products are sourced/produced right here in Aotearoa, which means not only are we reducing the carbon footprint of items getting to you, but supporting local businesses, instead of multi-nationals.

For all body and skincare products, we have chosen to stock handcrafted/artisan lines that have so much care and love channeled into their creation process by real people, instead of being manufactured on a production line.

If this wasn’t enough to make Aroha Eco really stand out from the rest, the majority of products have been tried, tested and used by our small team – what we wouldn’t use ourselves, we wouldn’t offer to you.

We absolutely love this selection of products that are kind to all of us and the planet – try them for yourself!

Look out for these codes in the product descriptions: